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Who We Are

The Patrick family has been in the wildlife control industry since the 1980’s. Patrick Wildlife Services is the culmination of decades of wildlife knowledge. We are a husband and wife team with 50+ years of combined wildlife control experience.

What We Do

We are the remedy for your unwanted wildlife encounters. Patrick Wildlife Services offers a full range of wildlife conflict resolution options including: consulting, inspections and trapping services. We are the experts in our field and have the know-how to solve ANY wildlife issue.

Our Philosophy

At Patrick Wildlife Services our end goal is peace for you and the animals. In each instance we seek the most efficient, sensible, and HUMANE approach possible. We treat our clients like family and the wildlife as respectfully as our pets.

How we're different

Patrick Wildlife Services is not a licensed pest control company because we do not use poisons or rodenticides to accomplish our goals. Wildlife is removed alive and well, then transported to an appropriate relocation point as established by The Arizona Game and Fish Department. We have the knowledge and skill to successfully solve any and all wildlife issues including: bobcats, raccoons, javelina, coyotes, pack rats, roof rats, squirrels, gophers, bats, birds, snakes, skunks, geese and duck harassment, etc.